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Hephaestus - humble

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Black Tourmaline and wood inlay mantra beaded bracelet. Named after the Greek God of blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes. Hephaestus made all the weapons of the gods in Olympus. He served as the blacksmith of the gods, and was worshipped in the manufacturing and industrial centers of Greece.

For thousands of years the Tibetans have created and worn healing beaded bracelets made from different types of wood, local stone and bones from yaks that died a natural death. Historically bead craftsmen were expected to keep bead-making skills a secret and in some cases risked their lives if they leaked valuable methods, Yikes!  Here at team Spivey, no lives are threatened through the crafting of beaded bracelets :).