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Los Muertos

“The Skull, again?” you ask. Some only associate the skull with death and evil, not so in the world of Spivey. Since the beginning of human existence, the skull has been used in some way, to celebrate the dead, display the power of victory, symbolize purification, ward away the unwanted or in the ongoing quest for immortality. 

In Ancient India the skulls adorned gods and goddesses, showing their ability to conquer death. In Buddhism skulls represent the concept of emptiness - all events are neutral but we choose to magnify them in our minds. In Mexico the Day of the dead, dating back hundreds of years, is a holiday focused on praying for loved ones that have passed, to help support their spiritual journey.

Several modern day tribes have adopted the skull as their symbol: the head doctor, the motorcycle enthusiast, military fighter squadrons, or just simply the bad ass. The skull is an ever-present timeless image to be celebrated.