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Spiritual Tourist

The Spiritual Tourist Collection is the result of global travel and research of religious and metaphysical iconography. Spivey, A modern day Nomad, continually ends up in historically devout communities. Creating opportunity out of passion, she commissions local artisans and craftsman of these communities to create miniature Gods, Saints and Spirit Guides to be set into jewelry.

The intent with all of the pieces Spivey creates is to elevate the wearer in some capacity. In this collection the more esoteric pieces will meet their wearer or choose their wearer in the right time.

Many of these detailed miniature works of art are hand carved from exotic woods, ancient Siberian Woolly Mammoth, Water Buffalo Horn, Bos Taurus bone and Jet from Siberia and finished with a sterling silver back. The jade, obsidian, jasper and lapis in this collection are produced first by machine and then finished by hand. Each piece is set in sterling or 18 karat gold.