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Formal Tuxedo Sets

Cufflinks and studs came into fashion in the 1840s along with starched shirt fronts difficult to button.  Early and mid-Victorian etiquette authorities cautioned that they be used judiciously to avoid lapsing into vulgarity. "No jewelry whatever is used," dictated an 1887 American conduct manual, "except that which has a direct purpose and this is kept as simple as possible." -Excerpts from Gentleman's Gazette - Sounds like a group of pretty stiff peeps to me, no fun!  Fast forward and visions of James Bond, Cary Grant or Leonardo DiCaprio might flutter through your head when you think of how you want to present yourself the next time you put on your Tuxedo. The cufflinks and studs you decide on should elevate you in some way, alluding to elegance, high society and definitely some sex appeal. Spivey only produces limited runs of studs and links to ensure you won't be caught wearing a mass marketed item that the gentleman across from you might be fashioning.