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Achilles - warrior

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Tibetan wooden prayer beads strung with pumtek beads made from opalized palmwood.  Pumtek beads, or “buried thunderbolt,” are considered important heirloom beads among the Chin, who live in the Chin Hills of western Myanmar (formerly Burma). 

The bracelet is named after the bravest and greatest warrior of of the Trojan War: the demigod, Achilles. He was a master of weaponry, particularly with swords and spears, and his seemingly supernatural moves in combat inspired the rest of his fellow Greek warriors. 

Historically bead craftsman were expected to keep bead-making skills a secret and in some cases risked their lives if they leaked valuable methods. Handcrafted beaded jewelry techniques vary across the globe. Nearly all of these techniques are represented in Spivey's collection of beaded bracelets.