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Hand carved lycanthrope - transformation

Spivey Cufflinks



Hand carved horn lycanthrope cufflinks fashioned with a garnet and finished with white rhodium plated sterling silver whale tales. The lycanthrope or werewolf has its roots in the differentiation between humans, and all other nature. Making the wolf a symbol of nature, and the werewolf the bridge between nature and us.   

Tales of lycanthropy, much like the story of ‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’, or any zombie tale highlight mans fear of his animal nature, or as Sigmund Freud defined it, his “Id”.

Historically these shapeshifter's have been portrayed as an unnatural, heinous beast. The transformation into this creature is an external metamorphosis from civility to untamed wildness; a representation of man’s animal side, and the concept that the ‘animal’ is always inside, waiting to be unleashed.