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Hand carved seahorses - persistence

Spivey Cufflinks




Hand carved Ancient Siberian Woolly Mammoth Tusk Seahorse cufflinks, finished with Sapphire eyes and white rhodium plated sterling silver whale tale backs. The Seahorse with their magnificent regal appearance has remained in the same body type since its inception, quite the consistent little creature. They are content with who they are and move slowly and patiently with the current of the sea. Sailors have a long history of honoring the seahorse for their power and good luck. Seahorses also represent persistence, restraint, and peace.

The seahorse is quite a unique, almost mythological creature, and thought to have mystical and powerful significance among the Ancient Greeks, European Alchemists, and Asians. A great symbol of the God of the Sea, Neptune/Poseidon, the seahorse was also believed to carry the souls of deceased sailors to the underworld, giving them safe passage and protection until they met their destiny.