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Ancient woolly mammoth carved fox heads - clever

Spivey Cufflinks



Hand carved ancient Siberian Woolly Mammoth Tusk fox heads, finished with Ruby eyes and white rhodium plated sterling silver whale tale backs. These intelligent tricksters live between times and places with the ability to move in and out of circumstances restoring order or causing chaos. Cunning, intelligent, and dogmatic are just a few words that sum up the characteristics of the fox. Feeling the need to slip away from a situation unnoticed, or detach while still remaining observant, seek out the fox for his potent and wise teachings. So next time you're in a situation you really don't want to be in, better hope you're wearing the cunning fox.

There have been varied beliefs by many cultures of what the fox represents. The Hopi tribe believe the fox possesses healing powers and the Apache tribes believe the fox gave man fire.  Ancient Persians believed the fox aided the dead on their journey to the afterlife.  The Chinese believe the fox could shape shift into human form. Who knew this clever creature was revered by so many!