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Stud & cufflink set labradorite - the visionary

Spivey Cufflinks



Studs & cufflinks made from faceted green labradorite cabochon stones set in sterling fleur de lis prongs.  Labradorite is a stone that helps one transform their vision, opening the eye up to see the world through a new lens and the frequency of living life to the fullest.  The scintillating beauty of the labradorite rocks color display is called “labradoressence”. 

In Finland, the Spectrolite (an uncommon variety of labradorite) was found by a sheer accident while a defense line was being built in the eastern border during World War II. Since then, it is believed to carry a spiritual significance due to the uncommon circumstances of its appearance - just imagine, a magical stone unfolding amidst the war, a true gift of nature and the universe during tough times.