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Seal of solomon crushed coral - symbol of alchemy

Spivey Cufflinks




Hand made in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal with brass and crushed dyed red coral.  This royal seal is the symbol found in the signet ring of King Solomon of Israel and was believed to carry great power and magic. So if you've ever wanted to be more like Gandalf, here's your chance. The symbol has been found in ancient Indian texts, in the harem of a Moor, Islamic and Western Occultism, as well as Masonic documents and temples.  One source referred to the symbol as "The great Oriental Talisman". Call on the mystical powers of Solomon's seal by acquiring these limited edition cufflinks, perhaps you will start acquiring skills to master the good and evil around you, or finally pursue that dream of becoming a mystic. 

The star of David, sometimes confused with the seal of Solomon has overlapping triangles rather than interwoven triangles and is associated with King David the father of Solomon.  Kabbalists call the seal, The Creator's Star, representing the masculine and the feminine, symbolizing fire and water. Several Arabic writers suggest that inscribed on the ring is one of the sacred names of God and made partly of brass and partly iron. With the brass part of the ring Solomon signed his written commands to the good genii, and with the iron part he signed his commands to the evil genii, or devils.