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Amethyst and fluorite earrings - focus

Spivey Cufflinks



Amethyst and Fluorite earrings set in white rhodium plated sterling silver. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite increases powers of concentration, self-confidence and decision-making. These attributes coupled with amethyst for its soothing, balancing and tranquilizing effects are perfect for those looking to take a step back and be the observer.

All of the raw minerals and stones are meticulously hand selected and ethically sourced. I am mindful of all the hands involved in the creation of my jewelry, ensuring that the energy of each piece is of the highest vibration.

For my design process, the real excitement begins when I enter in to the "creative cave".  In some cases it starts with the raw mineral or stone, to the birth of a design that will come through the stone. Next the cutting and polishing where the stone emerges into its finished form. Now to find the perfect partner stones to tell the story of the vibration a particular combination will convey. The final step is the setting process leaving a functional piece of art, co-created by mother nature and my-self. Indulge yourself with a fabulous pair of earrings!