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Lapis lazuli laughing buddha - happiness

Spivey Cufflinks




Lapis Lazuli Laughing Buddha head cufflinks set in sterling silver with toggle backs.  A figure adopted by many cultures, Hotei, Budai, Laughing Buddha, whatever you prefer, is the God of contentment and happiness, guardian of children and patron of bartenders. Make friends with your local bartender with this set, and enjoy the next drink on the house, no guarantees. 

Hotei as he is known by the Japanese, is one of the Seven Lucky Gods with a fat belly and jovial face and is commonly depicted carrying a cloth sack that never empties, this is to feed the poor and the needy.  Chinese History claims him as Budai, and was believed to be an eccentric Chan monk and an incarnation of Miroku Bodhisattva, or the future Buddha.