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Tuxedo set - art deco sapphire, mother of pearl &14k gold

Spivey Cufflinks



Sapphire studded mother of pearl set in 14K white and yellow gold. American made during the 1920's Art Deco Movement. This full formal set is comprised of nine pieces. An oval pair of cufflinks, four round large studs meant for the vest and three small round studs meant for the shirt.  Today both sets of studs can be used on a shirt or a custom shirt with eyelet holes and a vest can be made to fashion these beauties. American made during the 1920's Art Deco Movement. This exquisite one of a kind  formal set is presented in its original leather box.

The Art Deco period was a time of great change in major cities around the world with prosperity for many, mass advertising and consumerism, and an emphasis on the era's social, artistic and cultural dynamism. (Wikipedia &  Over all, the movement followed simplicity, symmetry, and unvaried repetition of elements.