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Drusy & agate geode 14k gold one-of-a-kind earrings - creativity

Spivey Cufflinks



Hand cut drusy and agate geodes and 14K gold earrings. The term Geode comes from the Greek word Geodes which means"earthlike".  These little crystal lined cavities are one of mother natures amazing treasures taking thousands of years to form. Stimulating creativity and harmony, geode is perfect for professionals working in the art of persuasion or espionage as they aide in cultivating communication on many levels. 

The raw minerals and stones are meticulously hand selected and ethically sourced. Each step along the way I am mindful of all the hands involved in the creation of my jewelry. For my design process, the real excitement begins when I enter in to the "creative cave".  In some cases it starts with the raw mineral or stone, to the birth of a design that will come through the stone. 

 This ethereal collection is a tribute to mother nature with the focal point on the stones. The collection of 14K gold pieces are one of a kind and made in the center of the universe, New York City.