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A dreamy and confusing world, Wonderland, is not a far off likeness to the current world we live in, moving from moments of clarity then calamity, harmony then discord, toppled with the endless personalities we may encounter on a daily basis. Celebrating this beautiful parallel, Spivey presents you with the Wonderland Collection.

 The characters in The Wonderland Collection are great examples of the many aspects of humans performing and engaging on the grand stage of life, playing their part in the balance of the comedy of life. Alice represents the ultimate problem solver, the Mad Hatter obsessively living in the moment signifies the here and now, The Queen depicts ruthless decisiveness, The Cheshire Cat as the wise sage, and the white rabbit symbolizes the quest for knowledge.

 Produced from the lost wax cast process in sterling silver with an antique finish in the style of cufflinks from the 1900’s with a ball back.

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