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Kingdom Animalia

Depictions of animals have been an underlying theme in art since prehistoric times, serving as vessels of happiness, distress, environmental issues, gender studies and a myriad of other human like behaviors. In this case, these 2 dimensional portraits are to honor your personal totem, spirit, and power animal.

 In indigenous cultures, elders teach children how to “become” an animal to obtain certain qualities needed for a particular task or journey, known as Biomimicry or “calling in your Power Animal”. So lets say you just need to cause some chaos and disorder, become the monkey. If you keep running into unicorns and dreaming about them, this could be one of your animal totems or an animal totem associated with your family. Your Animal Spirit would be an animal that possesses particular characteristics or abilities you would like to develop in your life. Lets say you need to cultivate more joy and freedom in your life, call on the Eagle and set yourself free.

 Each piece is hand carved by master craftsman on the Indonesian Island of Bali, a land imbued with ritual and mysticism. These detailed miniature works of art are carved from exotic woods, ancient Siberian Woolly Mammoth, Water Buffalo Horn, Bos Taurus bone and Jet from Siberia and finished with a sterling silver back.