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According to Peter, the three great Archangel Archetypes have a fundamental expression in ourselves and nature as the Wheel of Life, the Tree of Life and the Chakra system. They form an inseparable trinity-in-unity. They belong to the archetypal World of Spirit and manifest themselves in the Worlds of Soul (Psyche) and Body (Nature) as these three energy patterns. - -

The most common ideology around angels suggest that they maintain divine order and restore the good-to-evil balance when it gets out of whack. Angels, in this case the Archangel, simply means an angel of high ranking.  The Archangel will pray for you, be there for you, and lavish you in gentle compassion. - - When the moment has come upon you to put on your wings and deliver the message of healing and compassion a Spivey one of a kind piece is just what the angels ordered :).