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About The Creator
Megin Spivey

by Megin Spivey in Blog

01 September, 2020 (0) Comments

About The Creator

December 1, 2018

Hello! My name is Megin Spivey and I am the creator of Spivey Cufflinks. I design limited addition accessories using unique, spiritually influenced materials I’ve collected from my travels around the globe. Each piece in my collection is made to bring a touch of spiritual elegance to a gentleman’s wardrobe. As part of a new effort to cultivate a more contextualized view of my creations, I will be writing about new aspects of these pieces, sharing details of my adventures, to sourcing materials, or insights into my manufacturing process. This blog will be focused on diving deeper into the why and how of my art.


To say that I enjoy traveling would be an understatement. For me, exploring a new place is more than an opportunity to grow my network, it’s a catalyst for creative growth and depth of experience that influences every aspect of my life. From the people I meet to the food we share, immersing myself in a new place gives me the chance to connect on a level that would be unobtainable from my living room at home.

It was my love of travel and the desire to bring that experience into my career that led me to start Spivey Cufflinks. What would life be if we never took risks? Leaping off into the unknown can have a variety of sensations, anything from euphoria to drowning.  

I wanted to combine my passion for artistry with my love of culture and raw materials unique to each place I had visited. Jewelry is an art form 
that relies heavily on aesthetics but comes into its complete and truest form when built to 
encompass something meaningful. I was excited by the challenge of endowing small stones and beads with a story all their own.

My journey as a jeweler began as a simple interest in antique and vintage men’s accessories and quickly transformed into a deep exploration of the world and the beauty of its natural resources, cultures, and people. During the early 2000 I was living in New York City, working for Caroline M. Finberg, owner of The Antique Jewel Box, a brand that specialized in antique and vintage men’s accessories. Together we began exploring new ways of incorporating vintage materials into the product line. I remember a particular instance where Caroline had come across a collection of vintage porcelain buttons in Paris. The buttons were all hand painted with exquisite detail, made during the 1940’s, by the Toshikane Company, a Japanese company renowned for vintage porcelain jewelry. There were seven different images depicting the seven gods of fortune: happiness, wealth, longevity, beauty, dignity, abundance, and wisdom. It was so gratifying to be able to take something that I had a personal connection with and work in that space to create something beautiful.

Working with the projects of setting these antique elements proved to be a pivotal moment. It was a time when I started to feel some purpose, a feeling of familiarity, and the ability to utilize my creative capacity. After a few more international experiences, and a Yoga Teacher Training program in the foothills of the Himalayas, and many new friends, I’m where I am today. I am in a continuous state of travel and am always looking for new avenues of inspiration for my work. If I have learned anything in the creative world, it is that every hand that touches a piece has significance. I believe there is an energy or life that exists in these raw materials. The thoughts and minds of the people who handle the materials and stones that I use for my pieces work together to take my vision from a simple piece of jewelry to something that carries spiritual significance for both me, and the future owner of the piece.

I consider myself lucky to be able to combine my passion for travel and connection with a career in a field that I love. Though designing jewelry may sound like something that requires nothing more than tools and material, I find myself inspired by the creativity I see awakened in myself and in others I encounter in my work. I see no limit to the number of significant connections, natural materials, and spiritual influences I have already and will continue to encounter. It is this fact that keeps the process of creative jewelry design a work I will continue to pursue as long as I am able.

Spring of 2017, marked my seventh year in business. ‘The Seven Year Itch’ was a time of reflection on what areas needed to be rejuvenated, dropped or completed. This past year has felt a bit like the beginning all over again, as I have decided to bring some of the production closer to home, and have also explored diversifying the product line with more than just cufflinks. Stay tuned as I continue to expand the product line, bringing new material to the marketplace and perhaps inspire a few around me along the way.


-Megin E. Spivey - Spiritual Tourist

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