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Hand carved sea stars - vigilance

Spivey Cufflinks


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Hand carved ancient Siberian Woolly Mammoth Tusk sea stars, encrusted with sapphires and finished with white rhodium plated sterling silver whale tale backs. The sea star moves slowly and lives a rather easy life. Relying on its nerves rather than a thought-system, since they do not have a brain, gives this sophisticated creature the ability to just act. Instinct, reflex, intuition, self-sustainability, renewal, vigilance and brilliance are just a few descriptions of what the sea star represents.

The sea star urges you to fill up the void and replace it with something better, my father has always said, "when it stops being fun, do something different." With their amazing regenerative properties, coming back stronger and more abundant each time, sea stars aid us in maneuvering successfully in any situation, strengthening our purpose and inner fortitude.