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Mocha geode slice earrings - camouflage

Spivey Cufflinks



Mocha agate geode slice earrings set in white rhodium sterling silver. Radiating a powerful and practical energy that will boost your physicality and focus your mental energies. Giving off a feeling of stability and stoicism these crystals allow you to stay on the sidelines unnoticed and effortlessly. An understated yet elegant accessory to wear year round. 

Each set of stones are meticulously hand selected and ethically sourced. For my design process, the real excitement begins when I enter in to the "creative cave".  From the raw mineral or stone, to cutting and polishing, to the birth of a design, each step along the way I am mindful of all the hands that help to create each piece. The end result, is a functional piece of art, co-created by mother nature and my-self.