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The kraken - defense

Spivey Cufflinks




The Kraken cufflinks are made from the lost wax cast method in yellow bronze with matte oxidized finish with sterling silver ball backs.  As with many legends, the Kraken started with something real, based on sightings of a real animal, the giant squid, The first written account of the Kraken goes back to 1180 by King Sverre of Norway. A fast and powerful swimmer, using its tentacles to capture prey, this legendary sea monster represents defense, adaptability, and creativity. 

The kraken or giant squid remains perhaps the most elusive large animal in the world, which has greatly contributed to its aura of mystery. Some of you may remember Clash of the Titans "Release the Kraken!", one of my favorite movies growing up, thus The Kraken has made its way into this collection. If you find you need to call on a bit of extra effectiveness to your life, its time to "Release the Kraken" into your collection.