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Lapis lazuli buddha head - higher consciousness

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Carved lapis Buddha heads with white rhodium plated sterling backs. Siddhartha Gautama also known as Buddha "the awakened one" was once a prince turned spiritual teacher from India. These cufflinks are a representation of Buddha's knowledge and wisdom, and allegedly will infuse the wearer with these same qualities.  Accept Buddha's ability to lead you to enlightenment with a gift to yourself, a loved one, or better yet, your local jackass.

The half-closed eyes depict a state of meditation, looking inward at the self at the same time looking outward.  The dot between the eyes, or third eye, signifies the entrance which leads us to the true inner reality of higher consciousness.  Buddha's elongated earlobes have a mixed bag of beliefs.  Some believe they represent compassion where others suggest that his giant ornate gold plugs that he wore as a prince stretched out his ear lobes.  Becoming an aesthetic he then stopped wearing his ear jewelry and his earlobes remained stretched.  Buddha never claimed to be God, he was simply a human being that was able to cultivate serenity in himself and the world around him.