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Mother of pearl & sterling silver stud earrings - purity

Spivey Cufflinks



Mother of Pearl earrings set in sterling silver. Mother of Pearl is believed to attract abundance and prosperity. Historically, mother of pearl was associated with faithfulness and purity. This explains why royalties wear mother of pearl necklaces and jewelry, symbolizing the purity of their royal bloodline. 

The raw minerals and stones are meticulously hand selected and ethically sourced. Each step along the way I am mindful of all the hands involved in the creation of my jewelry. For my design process, the real excitement begins when I enter in to the "creative cave".  In some cases it starts with the raw mineral or stone, to the birth of a design that will come through the stone. Then to the cutting, polishing and setting resulting in a functional piece of art, co-created by mother nature and my-self.