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Agate cameo mozart - creativity

Spivey Cufflinks




Carved agate cameo Mozart cufflinks made in Idar Oberstein, Germany, set in black rhodium plated sterling silver. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer recognized as on of the greatest composers in musical history. He wrote in all the musical genres of his times and excelled in each.  

A child prodigy with an unerring musical ear, flawless musical memory and infallible sight reading ability since the age of 3 years. By the age of 4 years, Mozart could tell whether an instrument was out of tune and could learn a piece in half an hour. While remembering Mozart's creative contributions, it is important to appreciate the capacity of the brain to markedly augment certain uniquely human qualities and to encourage research of finding possible ways of accessing and harvesting these powers. Need a little creative juices, a little on the extreme side, these are for you.