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Hellboy - humor

Spivey Cufflinks



Yellow bronze and sterling Hellboy cufflinks with whale tale finding. These cufflinks are made from the lost wax cast method with a matte oxidized finish.

Despite his demonic appearance and his strong sense of humor, Hellboy was a hero within his community, kinda like all of us. Bring some humor and heroism into your life with a pair of Hellboy cufflinks, and if necessary, play that "first appearances are deceiving" card. Just saying.

Hellboy made his way into my Gods and Demons collection because of his heroic character and a code that I live by,  "Never judge a book by its cover". This is my interpretation of Hellboy that came from a stone carving.

Mike Mignola created this fictional superhero and in 1993, Hellboy made his debut in the San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2.