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Bruxellois demon sterling - creative self

Spivey Cufflinks




These cufflinks were created with the lost wax cast method in sterling silver and matte antiqued finish.  The interpretation of this Demon came from the medallions found on the walls inside the cafe of the Hotel Metropole Brussels, built in 1895.  The intention of the designers of this time was to bring art into every dimension of real life, a utopian and optimistic quality if you will.  The imagery of symbolism, religion, mythology, history, literature, botany, and oceanography opened an endless vista of subjects.  It might tell a story, evoke a memory, inspire meditation, amuse or frighten, but always with the extra effects of a heightened emotion. Similar to what you may experience with a spouse. 

Belgium was one of the birthplaces of the Art Nouveau movement, and Brussels in particular has several stunning architectural examples. Advocates of Art Nouveau in Belgium tended to be young progressives, intellectuals, often engineers, lawyers and artists. The Cafe Metropole was opened by two brothers as a place in the city to sell their beer, the former bank next door would become the hotel Metropole. The Hotel was one of the first luxury hotels and is the only nineteenth-century hotel still in operation in Brussels today.  Having spent 4 years in Brussels completing my undergraduate degree, my tribute are these cufflinks.  Cheers to the fond memories of the Cafe Metropole!