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Hades - abundance

Spivey Cufflinks



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Bone and lava rock beaded bracelet. Named after the Greek God of the underworld. Hades is most often represented as a more mature man, bearded and holding a scepter, a two-pronged spear, a libation vase, or a cornucopia - symbolic of the mineral and vegetable wealth which comes from the ground. 

Central and South America are known for their wampum and quilt creations, while Native American beadwork usually included a lot of turquoise and silver.  Tibetans have created and worn healing beaded bracelets for thousands of years made from different types of wood or bones from yaks that died a natural death. 

Handcrafted beaded jewelry techniques vary across the globe and nearly all of these techniques are represented in Spivey's collection of beaded bracelets.